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It is a story of determination, survival and a passion for life that will take you in and capture your heart. As they encounter obstacles we are shown a unique perspective of the realities of a boy’s mind and ones will to survive.

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As they work in the California vegetable fields, they labor with a plan in place to own their acre of land and a shack they can call home. A gripping tale, it is uniquely written with focuses on sexuality, folklore, post-colonialism and gothic romanticism.

Click here for the chance to read the book A book about choices, this incredible novel, takes place in Russia and follows the story of an impoverished student who decides to rob and kill a pawn broker in a well laid, meticulously planned out crime. The story is inspiring, a tale of courage, love, loyalty and defeat. This is without question the most well-read war book in history.

It’s thought provoking and entertaining throughout. It’s one of the most spectacular books you’ll ever read. It focuses on the philosophy of winning a war and can easily translate into business, everyday life and relationships.

Books lose out on convenience points because they take too much space, and are guaranteed to age – and age badly, at that.

Besides, you know the feeling of looking for one particular line which you know is in this book somewhere, but you can’t remember where?

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