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So it happens on two different systems on a network without any other problems.My new system has frozen during the update process twice [email protected]: Its must be a very simple thing such as you have an weak signal for your 3DS.My laptop and PS Vita can reach the router no problem when my Nintendo 3DS cannot.Try moving your device closer to your router before you try any port forwarding, static IP, DNS, and etc.

A number of people have stated that they Wii U console has completely stopped working since turning off the console during the update.A friend recommended looking up port forwarding or establishing a static IP.I don't know the first thing about networking jargon, and I am having trouble finding a definitive answer on how either of these things should be done.Actually, and I'm not sure why no one has thought of this, the problem could be a communications problem further down the line.Perhaps one of the servers that your connection uses to communicate through is broken in some way, perhaps your provider has a bad connection somewhere, or someone is piggybacking part of the route's data for their own nefarious uses.

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