Who is marlon wayans dating

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Its disgusting how bitches be worshipping her fake tranny ass. They did create racism, if you disagree well sorry to inform you that you’re a gigantic, IGNORANT MORON. Log in to Reply @shobohunter you can google the 100 % Nigerian couple who had a blonde haired blue eyed baby.

Log in to Reply Dogg, Dogg, Dogg…no need to be so hostile. ” Are you implying that an Anglo Australian is an English idiot? White people will act nice and innocent to your face, but talk shit about you behind your back. To @midori29 (@shobohunter skin complexion only accounts for part of racial admixture , you have to look at facial features, body and hair too. She belongs to Nordic type (sub-race) of greater caucasoid race. Blonde hair and blue eyes occur in Africa as a genetic mutation.

Even though Iggy is super pale from the irish side her facial features and body type can tell a different story) you stupid. you retardant seriously think that she have African facial and physical features lol.. The Asian look in Iggy could be from the Australian Aboriginal because many Africans which they are related to have slanted eyes.

Her facial features are typical of a white Caucasian . How can you say “all came from Africa” which is evolutionary claim and quote from bible at the Same time. Log in to Reply @shobohunter skin complexion only accounts for part of racial admixture , you have to look at facial features, body and hair too.

Also unlike the other groups didn’t make continuous trips back to the mother land, and other Africans did make continuous trips there(as far as I know).

They have more in common with Asians,which makes sense,seeing that’s the route they took. J said,they’re still in the so-called Negroid category.

Iggy has some Aborigine admixture, in fact most white Australians do.

Australoids have been debated to be a subrace related to black Africans.

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She’s appropriating cultures and she’s jealous of Asians and Latinas. All you have to do is google it and you can read her racist rants. Do you mean to say that an Anglo Australian is of English decent? I guess both you and I have something to learn from each other! LASTLY, I will say whatever the fuck I want, it’s my gotdamn opinion? Thanks to racism, Chuck isn’t credited but fat bastard Elvis is called the king of rock n roll White people ain’t shit tbh.100 years is not a long time Europeans started Immigrating to Australia in the 18th century!Log in to Reply They date black men, because that’s probably what they like.It also doesn’t hurt that some of those black men were rich(Kardashians). Overall, she’s just a one hit wonder and she makes terrible music and she looks like a tranny. Log in to Reply You know nothing, europeans can look in many different ways.Now the black men might be self- hating or have the ( I need a white woman syndrome). She is obviously white no matter what, I guess you suspect like 1 – 5% asian ancestry, which woulden’t be visible anyways.

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