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Nicola Mc Lean launched into a cat fight four days before heading into the Australian bush.Nicola, 25, sparked fury from her rival by claiming that, because she wants to look good for her army of fans, her luxury item will be mascara.And she sniped: “Any woman who doesn’t wear mascara looks like a foetus.” But her comments shocked sexy Carly, 24.

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“One thing’s for sure, they’re already guaranteeing that all eyes will be on them from Day One.” Meanwhile, Blue pop hunk Simon Webbe has confessed that he is only doing I’m A Celebrity because the other lads in the band bullied him into it.The wannabe Jungle Jane giggled: “I know how to keep my fans happy. “Once they meet, that’s when the fall-outs will begin.“Carly and Nicola look like they might end up having a WAG war.The babe revealed: “Will I look glamorous in the jungle? I have never heard of her.” The producers are looking forward to more fireworks Down Under. I will overcome my fears.” But timid Carly – the fiancée of Chelsea ace Joe Cole, 27 – looked like she was about to face a firing squad when she landed ahead of the show. He revealed: “So far none of the celebs have met one another.Bubbly Nicola – the lover of Peterborough United star Tommy Williams, 27 – said she could not wait to get into the rainforest camp and whip out her bikini and 32G boobs. The shy beauty would only say: “I’m frightened of most things. “They are slowly finding out who they’ll be on the show with, and opinions are already being formed.

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