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Lee would eventually begin dating CM Punk, whom she has since married.

Kelly Kelly was one of the most beautiful Divas to ever wrestle and she might be known for her looks more then her wrestling.

Some WWE can have some fake qualities but not all of the relationships portrayed are fiction. Divas definitely have lives outside of these storylines, but the life outside of the ring can sometimes be closely related to their lives inside the ring.

It usually doesn’t end in any real love, but Divas sure have played the dating field in the WWE universe.AJ Lee dated many wrestlers in storylines, including Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk.What lands her on this list is her second real life relationship with Trent Barretta who dated while Barretta was still in WWE.Following her relationship with Triple H, Chyna would wind up dating X-Pac and the couple produced a sex tape called One Night In China.Torrie Wilson was one of the most popular and successful divas in wrestling history.

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