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Lopez then runs to the tank, in which Simmons questions whether they should go help him, with Sarge stating it would only ruin the moment.

In Season 2, Simmons and the Reds attack the Blues and take Doc as their hostage.

Simmons appears in the first episode discussing with Grif about their reasons in Blood Gulch and then called down by Sarge to name the new jeep, which they call the Warthog.

During a Red Team training exercise, Simmons becomes frightened while attempting to cross a narrow bridge. Another Red soldier named Dexter Grif then appears, after failing to show up on time, and refuses to cross the bridge as well.

Simmons was intended to be the "smart, troubled guy," according to Rooster Teeth.

Simmons is also one of the most logical and intelligent characters in the series but seems to have a large ego, although he does maintain a high level of confidence.

He then guards Tex after she is captured by Sarge and Lopez.

During Church's rescue, however, Simmons is knocked out by a possessed Sarge.

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