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The You Tube vlogger, real name Zoe Sugg, left her 8.46million followers convinced she was pregnant, after a recent tweet about water births. " However, the 27 year old’s fiercely loyal fanbase were quick to speculate over why exactly they were discussing childbirth.

Taking to Twitter, she gave fans a glimpse into a conversation the pair had been having, tweeting: "Me & Alfie talking about water birth. "My question is why are you guys talking about birth unless SOMEONE is pregnant," one wrote.

This story originally appeared in this week's New Idea - Out now.

In 2010, Dom Smales caught on to a phenomenon: You Tubers.

“I knew their platform would only grow by You Tube and I could see that the future of entertainment would be led by on-demand entertainment and online video platforms.” While, for some of us, the explosive rise of You Tubers (anyone who lives in London has surely now seen their adverts staggered up the walls of the escalators in multiple central Underground stations) came out of nowhere, Smales says this is a common misconception.

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When asked about the astounding estimated net-worths that regularly do the rounds, Smales refuses to be drawn in on the figures. It is possible to make a good living by being at the top of your game in social media right now but that is just like any other platform,” he says.

Zoella's Youtube channel, consisting of beauty and makeup tutorials, has over a billion views, but the vlogger's rise to fame hasn't come without controversy – click here to see her most controversial moments While a fourth added: "You’re talking about pregnancy a lot hmmmmm…" Neither Zoella or Alfie have yet to comment on the rumours, but both have been active on social media following the post.

This isn’t the first time the couple have convinced fans they were set to welcome their first child together, with the blogger previously tweeting she was "craving jelly".

“Because of the frequency of the contact between the talent and the audience, they get really involved in their lives and feel a sense that they are friends,” Smales explains.

“Of course, you would pop round to your friend’s house and say, ‘Hi’ for a cup of tea, wouldn’t you?

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