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"I knew I was going to Europe, and I knew I wanted to experience the full spectrum of food there, because I thought it was an important part of the culture and I didn't want to limit myself. But I do love animals, and that probably played a part. "People used to mistake me for a vegetarian all the time, and say, 'Oh, but you look like a vegetarian.' Kind of like how now people assume I have an MFA, 'Oh, but you look like you went to art school.' So I went with it, there's lots of good reasons to be a vegetarian, but I was not vegetarian for any good reasons." M was living the vegetarian life for about three or four years.

It's a good thing, too -- I don't think they fully understood what a vegetarian is over there. The girlfriend of Sex and Dating writer Jeremy Glass agreed to talk to me about her vegetarian days, but only if I didn't include her name. Then, as suddenly as she dropped meat from her diet, she picked it back up again.

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Ask anyone in London to name their favourite vegetarian restaurant, and they’ll reel off these names: The Gate (almost always the first), and then in no particular order: Tibits, Manna and Mildreds.

-- and by the time she hit college, she was a veritable vegetarian.

So that's the way I went for almost four years," she said.I thought it would be cheaper to be a vegetarian, I cooked mainly at home and I didn't mind eating the same thing every night.And, I thought it would be healthier." Saladino said the decision came after he realized he hadn't eaten meat for a week, so he decided to "just keep going." After a year and some change of vegetarianism, he left New York for a semester abroad in Madrid -- where, according to him, abstaining from meat wasn't an option. It was more a lifestyle choice made by a nerd aching to be cool and crunchy.But during one fateful Christmas break, a bong and some square burgers made her break her vow to vegetables: "I was in grad school and things were getting crazy.I hadn't smoked pot in a while, but I didn't really care at this point.

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