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The following code has been adjusted to use that progress bar. It is neither necessary nor desirable to write a text string to the clipboard in order to write it to the document. As you will no doubt gathered I am a novice at VBA and this attempt was just trying to emulate what I would do manually.

You can download a userform to do this from my web site - Extract the files from the zip and import to the VBA project.

This can result in you not knowing whether the process is still running, but the easy answer to that is to use a progress indicator bar.

Screen Updating = True Exit Sub Err_Exit: Msg Box Err. Number End Sub If you don't want to have the flicker as the documents are opened, open the documents invisibly.

J v prci pistupuji na office pes njak server a rychlost lajny aplikaci dost shod, to mi dalo monost vimnout si pr zrychlen. 2) Pouvnm "with", kdy chceme pracovat s vce bukami.

1) Skuten zrychlen: Kdy nepotebujete s uivatelem pmo interagovat a vpoty v seitu lze odsunout na pozdji provete je v udlosti seitu Private Sub Workbook_Open() Nevm pro, ale pi oteven dokumentu se dovedou dov stovky tisc operac zavench do for next navc s if then provst v miku. I kdy to souvis s tm efektivnm adresovnm uvedenm v lnku.

It appears that you want to locate the text "Discharge Pack" and insert a paragraph break after it and write the text to the start of that new paragraph. Execute(Find Text:=str Text To Find, Match Case:=True) rng To Search. Close Save Changes:=wd Save Changes Do Events Next Unload o Frm Application.

I created the code below which does what it was written for, BUT the screen updates whilst it runs. Echo as a solution, but that is not recognised in Word 2007? Screen Updating) are returning an error: Application. Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is? Sv vdomosti a zkuenosti dvm k dispozici i on-line ve videch pro SEDUO. as potan byl i tak eknme 10s co je nic, ale s vypnutm obnovovn obrazovky je vypotno tak do 2s. Pidno: Ahoj, to s tm potem teek je vtipn pomcka :) Jinak jet bych doplnil, e makro se me zrychlit: 1) Deklarac sprvnho datovho typu promnnch.Pidno: Vyplovn bunk: Mon by se dalo provdn kdu zrychlit i pouitm with: With Workbooks("muj-sesit.xlsm"). Range("A1") For i = 1 to 99 .offset(i-1) = "rychl kd" Next i End With Kd se zrychl i v ppad, vyhneme-li se promnnm typu Variant, kter jsou vdy pokud je pedem nenadimenzujeme pod hlavikou funkce, nap: Sub Vypln Bunky() Dim i as integer ... End Sub Pidno: ne vichni maj to tst, e jim b MS Office pmo v jejich potai. m "men" datov typ deklarujeme, tm se rychleji zpracovv.

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