Validating assessment tools

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During standardized patient encounters students have to demonstrate advancing skills over a series of four encounters which correspond with practice expectations found in Physical Therapy core professional documents such as .According to thirty academic and clinical educators who rated the match between the standardized patient assessment tool criteria and statements found in these documents, ninety-six percent (22/23) of the criteria agrees with at least one of the documents at statistically significant levels.Assessment Validation is a critical core compliance activity for Australian RTOs, and required by the Standards for RTOs 2015.Having 360RTO completed and/or facilitate validation of both your assessment tools and assessment judgements will not only save you a lot of time and resources – but it It is common for established RTOs and their internal teams to not validate their assessment resources with as much rigor when undertaking a validation session – thereby missing critical gaps or non-compliances due to being overly familiar with the assessment tools, or the assessor judgements they are scrutinising.To ensure the reliability and validity of assessment tools and assessor judgements requires both experience, and close attention to detail – hence doing validation correctly is critical.You may need to validate certain training products more often where specific risks have been identified, for example, if your RTO’s industry consultation identifies areas of particular risk.Using our Conformity Assessment Programmes (CAP), Intertek has assisted governments in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya in preventing the import of unsafe goods into the country.Intertek Conformity Assessment Programmes ensure that products are fully tested in a recognised laboratory and a certificate issued before they are shipped to the client country.

Although well-established in medical education, the validity of assessing student performance during encounters with standardized patients had not been adequately addressed in Physical Therapy education.International standards are selected wherever possible. This means that reputable manufacturers will be able to comply with very little effort.Conformity Assessment Programmes have been very widely adopted by the developed world, forcing unsafe and unreliable products into emerging economies.It ensures assessment decisions are consistent for all students, within a unit of competency.When using assessment instruments for personnel purposes, identify the purposes of assessment, specify criteria for excellent performance, determine behavior standards, and select appropriate methodology.

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