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Its integrated data quality capabilities provide unparalleled accuracy, and the optional geocoding capability strengthens a wide variety of location-based initiatives.Post Locate is used by our clients in many capacities, such as standardizing addresses for direct marketing and customer relationship management, assisting in database maintenance, migrations and conversions, streamlining customer-onboarding, and clustering clients for strategic decision making.That is the reason why many businesses have integrated our real-time address validation API directly into their websites and e Commerce applications.

This event occurs when the control is finished validating.Our full service automated International Address List Validation & Cleaning service cleans CRM systems and customer databases from outdated or invalid addresses and helps our customers to save money on mailing and shipping.Try Bulk Address Verifier For Free Are you wasting thousands of dollars each year on mailings and shipping products to wrong or non-existing addresses?Typically you will be validating text that is provided by a Text Box, but it could also come from a Combo Box where the user can type their selection.As for validating the text, it can range from simply ensuring there is value (i.e., not an empty string) or more complex task such as validating the format of an email address. Once you have written a validation function for a specific format, convert it into a snippet, so the next time you need to validate similar data, you will save time by simply inserting your snippet.

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