Updating wood paneling

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In one house I staged, I suggested to the homeowners that they remove the wood paneling.

The paneling was on the main floor and was giving their city home a country look.

Do this step only if you want to minimize the appearance of the grooves (1/8" deep or less).

To fill, apply lightweight spackle with a putty knife..

Be careful not to let the brush strokes dry in the grooves before smoothing with the roller.

Prepping the Wood Paneling Priming and Painting Community Q&A Painting over wood paneling is a task that many homeowners choose when updating the look of homes built during the middle years of the 20th century.

Use a paper liner to help the wallpaper adhere to the wood. They knew that under the paneling it was just 2″ x 4″boards, not drywall, so it would have been an enormous undertaking. Before you remove the paneling, know what you are getting into.Solid wood paneling can be sanded, stained and varnished the same way as wood furniture is refinished.Also, in some cases the paneling was placed directly on the wall studs with nothing behind it.When you're ready to start painting, make sure that your paneling is made of solid wood.

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