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Until early 2013, they supported Gmail push email (via Google Sync) and Microsoft's Exchange Active Sync platform, allowing them to synchronize email, calendars and contacts with mail servers such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Kopano, Zimbra, and Kerio Connect.

However, by setting up a new account using IMAP IDLE, push email is restored.

Android's built-in Gmail client uses Google Cloud Messaging to push email for Gmail accounts set up to sync with the phone.

Some Nokia Symbian S60 models support basic IMAP IDLE functionality with its built-in client. phones this functionality is broken, because connection to the mail server is closed (probably even outside the mailing application) and never restored.In Japan, "push email" has been standard in cell phones since 2000.Apple's i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch support Hotmail push email.Helio began adding support to its "ultimate inbox" powered by m Fluent LLC for push email to the Helio Ocean in July 2007 with support for Yahoo! On April 23, 2008 push support was added for Gmail, along with automatic notifications for POP and IMAP services.Microsoft began offering real-time email notification with Windows Mobile 2003 (sending SMS messages when new mail arrived), then replaced it with a simulated push experience (long polling) in 2007 with the release of Windows Mobile 5 AKU2 under the name "Direct Push Technology".

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