Updating kitchen cabinets with hardware

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Adding a line of caulk in this gap would go a long way to making these doors look like one solid piece.

For wood cabinets, it’s always best to brush with the grain. Brushing the paint and top coat in the same direction will result in some raised brush strokes and uneven top coat.

I used a 3/4″ wide artist paint brush to get into the hook and along the edges of the doors and cabinet trim.

Even the 80s track lighting was replaced with a shiny new kitchen track lighting.The melamine is super smooth, but the oak has large pores and open grain.These differences are visible even with many coats of paint.Of course, you should use a high quality brush for the flat parts of the cabinets.You can even get away with a roller if you don’t plan on using the decorative glaze included in the kit.

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