Updating java for mac

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The application itself logs into the DBMS, and handles any user account issues internally." "Both releases contain numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Support for pooling managed connections and callable statements has been added, and several long-standing API consistency and reliability issues have been resolved." App Engine uses the Java Servlet standard for web applications.

Consequently, a lot of folks have been missing out on the latest bug fixes and optimizations. I'm not sure who let that one slide, but we'll have to see about grabbing it back one of these days.

If you're still using Jaxen 1.1.1 or earlier, please upgrade when you get a minute. My biggest concern with this is that it makes the same mistake assertions did: it uses errors that can be be disabled at runtime where it should be using runtime exceptions.

Consequently early this year I made a deliberate decision to devote what time I had to writing a modern backend and putting updates aside while I did that.

Why write something new instead of adapt an existing modern backend such as Word Press?

The short answer is that this site is on hiatus while I work on a new backend.

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It was becoming more and more obvious to me that there really hasn't been much of value here for a long time, both to me or to site readers; and that if Cafe au Lait was to become valuable again some serious rethinking and rework was needed.

The new site almost launched in very rough form a month ago, but hosting issues held that up. I've released XOM 1.2.5, my free-as-in-speech (LGPL) dual streaming/tree-based API for processing XML with Java. The only visible change is that Builder.build((Reader) null) now throws a Null Pointer Exception instead of a confusing Malformed URLException.

I've also added support for Maven 2, and hope to get the packages uploaded to the central repository in a week or two.

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