Updating information on credit reports

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As a result, having an error free credit report is absolutely important, as any mistakes could damage your credit score.

The same applies not just to a credit card company but if the error is from a gas and electricity provider, mobile phone network, bank or mortgage lender and more. If your dispute goes unresolved after the investigation, then you are allowed to write a 200-word statement explaining your side of the story, which will then be saved alongside the disputed information.Although they overlap each other, they can sometimes have different information.This is not always a bad thing, but it could mean that if for example one credit reference agency’s report has an error on it, that could affect your overall credit score.They are most likely to have an error because a credit provider did not give them that information or there was an administrative error in recording your financial history.Some argue that it should be the role of the credit reference agency to chase up banks and other credit providers for your information, rather than consumers having to file a complaint and get the error fixed.

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