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The news media is gearing up to cover the national political conventions — but not just with pens, notebooks and TV cameras.

This year, news organizations are issuing gas masks, flak jackets and other protective equipment to journalists who may find themselves covering street protests in Cleveland and Philadelphia, the sites of the Republican and Democratic conventions.

The payment was made to the United States at the closing of the sale of the bankrupt companies’ assets.

That law forbids anyone convicted of a violent felony to own or possess a vest, unless the person wearing the vest is an employee who is doing so in order to perform a lawful business activity and who has obtained prior written certification from the employer. Section 3796ll-3(d)(1).) The federal law has been challenged on several grounds, all of them unsuccessfully: A majority of the states regulate vests and other body armor, by prohibiting certain people from owning it, to enhancing sentences when armor is used in the commission of a crime (or making the use itself a separate crime).Deciding to put on body armor and then committing a crime says a lot about the defendant’s state of mind—his intent to break the law and minimize the chances that law enforcement can hurt or even subdue him.Adding years to his sentence based on this evil planning does make sense.One state prohibits wearing armor on school property or school-sponsored functions (Louisiana), while in Connecticut, sale of body armor must be done in person—Internet and phone purchases are illegal.A bulletproof vest cannot hurt anyone—it’s meant to minimize injury.

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