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And this time we got to correct one of the sad flaws of our second house’s inherited built-ins: the shelf depth!

Hardly any of our books would fit on those shelves since they were so shallow (only around 6″), so we made sure our new ones are BBF (big book friendly).

Note the non-final lights over the island that we later switched out for more substantial pendants.

Actually, note a lot of things about this pic – we still had some paint touch-ups to do, some chair rail that had to come down during demo still needed fixing, and – well – those walls were looking pretty empty.

Buuuuuut there’s a feature just beyond the kitchen that competes pretty hard for our affection: the new built-in bookshelves around the doorway to our living room.

And it made all the difference in the world to have this pocket for the big TV and that has become wonderful storage for everything else that needs to be behind doors. So many times, people will paint the cabinetry like this the same as the doors or the trim.

Danny Lipford: One of those experts is Marisa Smith, a registered interior designer who works with homeowners to maximize the beauty and function of their homes.

Today, she’s showing me a built-in bookcase that she transformed for one of her clients. I’m sure the family spends a lot of time here, but what did you start with here? Marisa Smith: We had the bookcases to start with, and they were white. And the main thing was, they wanted to go to a flat screen.

How do you approach just the quantity that you use in a situation like this?

Marisa Smith: Well, the easy way to do it is to take everything off the shelves.

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