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There have been scores of people with the same issue, if only I had known before hand. In perhaps a moment of great stupidity and laziness, I reflashed the bios on my ASUS P5B Deluxe using the ASUS windows based flash utility.It wiped it clean, loaded the new one, and then it couldn't verify.I made a really bad attempt at using a chopped up parallel cable and the ends from a USB header port thing.This didn't work out well so I found at the local electronics store a parallel connector with a ribbon cable on it.

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Regards, If the "Crash Free BIOS" update fails to work, an alternate method is to remove the BIOS ROM chip from the board (usually they are socketed, but some are soldered down) and program the part directly with a ROM programmer using a binary image of the BIOS.

Having no other choice I rebooted the machine and hoped for the best. It was time to send it back to ASUS so they could reflash it.

The bios isn't removable, so surely there's some kind of device they plug into to reflash it for you I thought. Next to the BIOS chip, to the left of the south bridge, is an undocumented 7 pin connector labeled SPI_J1.

I am assuming I will have to find a windows 8 boot up media disk. I tried adjusting some BIOS options which I can still get to, but nothing. Should I just go ahead an order a windows 8 disc and re-install windows?

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