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At midnight the family attends a special Christmas service to hear the story of the birth of Christ.Another Christmas tradition is for families to sing Ukrainian Christmas Carols.Father Frost plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus, accompanied by Little Snowflake they deliver gifts.In the Ukraine the celebration of Christmas is a very important family holiday, Christmas traditions can vary significantly in different parts of the Ukraine.In ancient times many Ukrainians believed that these decorated eggs possessed magical powers and that you could become rich by decorating the eggs with certain symbols.

This church service goes on throughout the, some people will attend the entire service and some will arrive for the culmination of the service, in the morning.In Ukraine, Christmas Eve (January 6th) is the most important part of the Christmas celebration and very much a religious celebration.The Christmas Eve meal, served in the evening is known as the "Holy Supper", and consists of twelve dishes or courses.In many Ukrainian communities, people of all ages from members of churches and organizations gather together to participate in the old Ukrainian custom of carolling.Carollers go around to different homes, they are eagerly greeted and they collect donations.

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    So there seems to be something weird about the they believe? If you really believe this, you shouldn’t have to tell yourself, “You’re right, I really should try harder to evangelize.” No, if you really believed, you would already have that motivation! And if you really believed, you wouldn’t need to constantly repeat the doctrines of Christianity to yourself, and do everything you can to “build up your faith.” I don’t need to remind myself that the Holocaust happened or that gravity is real. Um, well their beliefs aren’t just amoral propositions. So if they think God wants them to play life a certain way, they are obligated to comply.

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