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Foreigners from countries with visa-free entry regime to Ukraine may enter the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol of Ukraine only if crossing the border at checkpoints at the state border of Ukraine with putting relevant stamps into their passport documents or immigration cards.

The breach of Regulations for entry/exit from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine is punishable by fine and imprisonment.

367 from , the Special Permit is issued by territorial offices of the State Migration Service of Ukraine or by territorial departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Novotroitsk and Genichesk districts of Kherson region.

The foreigners from countries with visa entry regime to Ukraine have to apply to the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Ukraine abroad for obtaining Ukrainian visa.

The Consular Section has full authority to request additional documents other than submitted by the applicant.

The Consular Section accepts walk-in applications within operating hours.

Document certifying family relationships with a person who was granted refugee status in Ukraine or a person who requires additional protection, or a person who was granted temporary protection in Ukraine.

No proof of sufficient funds is required for the categories of visitors as follows: • Foreigners or stateless persons under 18; • Tourists on a cruise; • Foreign aircrew and warship crew who arrive in Ukraine according to the applicable regulations (on terms agreed upon); • Non-military vessel crew; • Non-military crew of international airlines or international connection trains, who are on duty and reside within the facilities of airports or train stations; • Heads of foreign states or governments, members of parliamentary or governmental delegations, and technical staff with the above representatives or their family members (accompanying on request of central authorities of Ukraine); • When in service: officials of international organizations, staff members of their local branches in Ukraine, staff members of state representatives to international organizations that have headquarters in Ukraine and who are eligible for diplomatic privileges and immunities; • UN certificate holders and officials of other organizations of the UN system, their family members; • Chiefs of foreign diplomatic missions and consular offices, members of diplomatic personnel, consular officers, administrative and technical staff of diplomatic and consular institutions, staff of military attaché and trade representatives, their family members; • Diplomatic and Service Passport Holders who travel to Ukraine to perform their official duties, their family members.

Foreigners and stateless persons may entry the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol of Ukraine in accordance with law and international treaties of Ukraine.

Multiple entry Short-Term Visa (C) may be issued for the period longer than 1 year only if during the last years an applicant used at least 2 Short-Term (C) visas complying with Ukrainian legislation, and there is enough ground for such an extended period of visa validity (professional or family matters, etc.).

Multiple entry visas for Foreign Ukrainians are issued for a period of 5 years on basis of a Certificate of Foreign Ukrainian.

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