Turbo lister crashes when updating

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Also, Auctiva has it’s own, original features like Scrolling Gallery, Time Saving Profiles, Auctiva Store and others.

Overall Auctiva offers a great range of listing management and selling tools for a reasonable monthly fee.

You just have to wait few seconds and it will continue to work.

At least, this has worked great for me all this time. Especially updates part – I try to update it on a weekly basis.

Additionally, you get 1GB hosting space (Unlimited account) to use for product images, which is a very cool feature for newbie sellers who don’t want to invest in their own hosting account (more flexibility).Help, I have 4 weeks of items to list and Turbo Lister has been turned off.Does anyone know of a way to rescue the items from Turbo Lister Database?On most cases, when something isn’t working, a quick update will fix it.Yes, I know – sometimes it isn’t updating properly and I won’t defend e Bay here – it is a lousy software, lol!

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