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After I deleted I find out site was chatting with a lot of men against me!They took my phone number which should be not visible and one man start to call me and ask for next time I turn on my camera because he didn't see me but I never ever use chat room and never talk with camera there, I wrote couple letters and after all man who contact me asked for my phone and skype in first letter ( and it is forbidden to share personal applications there) I delete my profile so it was not possible I chat with man in that time when I was not a member any more. It is not girls talk with you on chats,it is hired people pretend to be that girls to you pay for their site!

I like the EOI option (Expression Of Interest) as it allows you and any lady who might be interested in you to "break the ice".

We state as normal that any respected media, legal authority or Government agency is welcome into our office and have full access to every part of our operation of 19 years, including viewing all computer code, phone records and interview employees to verify our simple but very effective dating website and membership system. F (obviously not a member of Elena’s Models as we would never allow a name without verification by our staff). Paying members can share with another member by their own choice contact information.

We always advise caution when doing this and provide advice how to protect your information. Sharing of personal contact information with each other is the number one reason most people join Elena’s Models.

We had a really lovely few days together and Kiev was a real eye opener! Ultimately, however, there was no real gelling between us and we went our separate ways. During my second membership term, I met another lady of 49 (who looked like she was 35 - they really do take care of the way they look over there - gorgeous women!

) and I travelled to Lviv, about an hour from Kiev by air and again, a lovely city, the city of chocolate and beer!

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