Transsexuals dating page

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If you have decided to start dating transsexuals on Facebook, or even transgender, you probably did the most obvious and common choice nowadays.What best place could be if not the King of social networks? 🙂 But bear in mind that, if you are an online dating newbie, and not so up to date with latest technologies, you might get very disappointed.Transsexuals girls are delicate and sensitive persons just like every woman.Most of all desiring to meet men that know to respect them, and a man that shows a little courage ( balls ) to put at least the face on his profile, which usually happens on Facebook to meet men withdraws, symbols, and any kind fake profiles.

Then, you should first consider very well what you are looking for.

Avoid to send too many random friend requests to all the sexy trans women you see around.

Spamming such requests could lead to account block.

Posting pics of genitalia or pornish stuff on your profile, or somewhere around, will cause your ban sooner or later.

If you have a profile as such, usually you will be reported to Facebook moderation, to the point that your account will be banned for some time or erased forever.

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