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Episode 35 reunites Stamie, Tracy and Rena for a night of getting personal. Stamie wonders if she’s romantic enough, gives some ‘first time buyer’ advice, and discusses her thoughts on same-sex marriage. Chris Bruno (The Fosters, Dead Zone) comes to the studio to talk about his experiences in TV, his past romances, and how facing his biggest fear changed the trajectory of his career.Also, he answers the question of why men fart and it turns out that...This week on our podcast the three ladies Tracy Ryerson, Stamie Karakasidis and Rena-Marie Villano discuss the difficulties of dealing with city Racoons and how to win the war.Traveling on a red eye with three kids solo, being gay in the middle east...In this episode, we discuss how the rainbow flag became a symbol of gay...In this week's episode, we talk about Trainwrecks on screen and in real life. Also, Sarah Palin bombs, Donald Trump crosses another line, Ashley Madison gets hacked, and you never have to leave your house again for Pot....Follow Stamie and Tracy as they navigate their lives after appearing on Showtime’s The Real L Word Season 1 with their careers, 3 kids, Tracy being an insta-mom, dating with kids, Stamie’s stand up dream, dealing with your ex, dealing with your family, discussing relationships and bringing on guests that will definitely inspire you. This is our last episode before we take a summer break.

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The ladies do a catch-up podcast on life events, foot massage parlors, over-sharing on social media, how Caitlyn Jenner is going to take over the world, Tracy's bikini shopping, and SENSE8. You know about TRANSPARENT, and you've been introduced to Laverne Cox, but now you NEED to know about Rye Silverman!We open up this episode by celebrating the US Women's Soccer victory. Also, we discuss a bit of Ruby Rose and her rise to world domination, Bill Cosby and his decline into total douchebaggery, whether it's okay to "ghost" out...Tracy's back for Episode 61 to help reel Stamie back in.There's a lot going on this week at The Stamie and Tracy Show. When's the last time you did something for a year straight? This ep we talk about Hillary Clinton running for President in 2016, Aaron Hernandez being a... Her talented singer/songwriter girlfriend, Cynthia Catania, also joins to share her music, as... In this episode, we discuss where it might come from and what to do to help it dissipate.Tracy's Mom was in town, Bruce Jenner had his first 20/20 interview w/ Diane Sawyer about transitioning and living his life as a woman, Sandra Bernhard goes on the Wendy Wiliams show and... Also, we talk about when nudity is appropriate and Tracy attempts to make a point by taking her top off in the studio. Just the three of us, Tracy, Rena-Marie and Stamie cover all things that seem to be happening in the world.

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