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By Shlomo Horwitz – Jewish Insight into why the beracha of “…M’kadeish Amo Yisroel al yedei chupah v’kidusshin” is recited at Jewish weddings.

Can be used in a class, chavrusa or forwarded to students.

Torah study enables one to uproot the initial base nature one is born with, and uplift oneself to the highest levels.

In this shiur on Tisha B'av, Rabbi Shimon Isaacson demonstrates how the halachot of the day are designed to arouse one to awareness of our national tragedy and feelings of mourning for our loss.

Welcome to Naaleh Torah Online, where you'll enjoy 1000's of audio and video Torah classes from some of the best Torah teachers.

Get started by choosing from the classes below or clicking on "More Torah Videos" In this Torah shiur (class) on the power of Torah study, Rebbetzin Tzipora Heller explains the Sefer Maalot Hatorah's discussion of the power of Torah.

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