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I wasn't ready to sleep with him, and for a whole year he waited, I thought he really loved me because he never pressured me into it. By this time he knew all about my family situation and he manipulated me so easily.He seemed to understand and be on my side, telling me to move out and have nothing to do with them.This is Nadya's story of teen domestic violence: My story starts from the day I was born really. One day a girl I had just met invited me to her 21st in a local pub.My mom didn't know how to love me, I never fit in anywhere, was always in trouble. I didn't think my mum would let me go, but she saw how excited I was, I promised not to drink, and I'd be home on the last bus. I met my friend at her house, she suggested I try on a top of hers to make me look older, it was quite a sexy top, she did my make-up and I looked much older.

“I started to kind of question why I couldn’t have guy friends or why he always needed to know what I was doing and it would turn into little verbal abusive spats and then it got physical.” KCBS’ Jeffrey Schaub Reports: Her life changed forever one night, at a party.Her boyfriend had, she later learned, been doing drugs in a bathroom. Out of the blue, she recounted, they crossed paths in a bedroom and things turned violent. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.) An explosion involving a tanker carrying oxygen at a Kaiser Permanente medical office facility in Santa Rosa Wednesday afternoon prompted evacuations and the temporary shut down of nearby U. She found that her friends actually alienated her – she believes because the boy was such a popular athlete on campus. She has since landed on the staff at a university in Southern California, where she lectures about teen dating abuse. “There are so many different kinds of abusive relationships that are going on out there and I just hope that my speaking out is going to help people realize and maybe part of my story clicked with you or your daughter.” National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline: 1-866-331-9474. Listen for Jeffrey’s Cover Story reports, “Teen Violence,” Monday through Friday, Dec.

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