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Természetesen a jelentkezés mindenki előtt nyitva áll, nem csak a nyári táborozóknak :) Részletek, jelentkezés: Katt ide!

is time prearranged with a person of the opposite sex. When two couples go out together, it is called a “double date.” A single date is going out with just one person.

The danger in dating is that you will do something that will seriously damage your chances for future happiness and a successful marriage. Your dating patterns and the things you do will greatly affect the quality of your future life. The idea of a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sex is very appealing to teens.

They are bonding and becoming emotionally glued together.

The thought is, These animosities can tear up a Christian youth group.

You may think you can play around and be promiscuous when you are single and leave it behind when you get married. All those physical intimacies become “emotional baggage” that can wreck a marriage.

A physical relationship is often mistaken for love, and the couple rushes into marriage.

Getting involved sexually almost always destroys a relationship. A marriage or a romantic relationship based on sex will not last.

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