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In this regard, the following aspects are particularly significant: All of these worries are genuine and can be found in many online relationships.One way of reducing the weight of these difficulties is to distance the online affair from offline circumstances—for example, by refraining from exchanging personal, actual details or by imposing other limitations on the online affair.

As a 29-year-old married woman who often engages in cybersex, says: When people feel trapped by their current circumstances, but still do not want to ruin their relationship, cyberspace may offer a parallel world in which things are better.

It's like reading an erotic story and masturbating to it.

I think, however, if you do it with the same person more than once there is a risk of getting attached to them."However, the above types of limitations are extremely difficult to follow, as online boundaries are less constant and rigid.

Time spent in that world can help them their actual world, while not giving up on having exciting, even emotional experiences.

Living within the two worlds is not easy, however, and may become increasingly risky when people do not realize the limitations of each.

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