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Also prior to the war the strings came up thru the body of the guitar.After the war they came up thru a metal tail piece installed on the top of the guitar.These small guitars hand peanut-shaped bodies and chunky, 25-scale necks; the bodies were available with or without cutaways and with one or two pickups.The National-branded guitars were available in a dark sunburst finish, while the Supro equivalents were at first covered in a plastic faux-pearlescent plastic commonly referred to as mother of toilet seat.The Valco company has its roots in the National String Instrument Corporation, which was founded in 1927.

Many, including Jerry Byrd (I share this belief) said the narrower magnets did not give as good a tone. Rickenbacker did not keep Serial # to date records until after the Second World War.I will tell you what is generally known and some distinguishing features that should help.A number of electric archtop models were sold with bodies by Gibson, Harmony and Kay, but fitted with Valco-made pickups, hardware and necks.Following the leads of Fenders Telecaster and Gibsons Les Paul models, Valco introduced its first solidbody Spanish guitars in 1952 under the National and Supro brand names.

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