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Odhams was acquired by Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltd in 1961 and formed the International Publishing Corporation (IPC) on 31st December 1962.This became the world’s largest publishing enterprise.

The newspaper is printed from Monday to Saturday in tabloid format and as of December 2008, it has an average daily circulation of 2,899,310 copies.

It is an independent paper designed to serve and inform all those whose lives are changing, improving, expanding in these hurrying years.”On 15th November 1969, the newspaper was acquired by Rupert Murdoch, following an unsuccessful bid by Robert Maxwell.

Two days after purchasing the paper, Murdoch re-launched the Sun in tabloid format.

The Sun sells more copies than any other daily newspaper in the United Kingdom and at its peak in the mid-1990s, the Sun regularly sold over 4,000,000 copies a day.

The paper has a record of supporting the governing party in the UK, although traditionally it is generally considered to have a centre-right political allegiance.

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