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In fact, I even made this cake FOR MYSELF on my birthday last month.I know how to party, and this cake will be involved!

These are romantic relationships, and people are getting involved on an emotional level."When asked if sex is an expectation during her dates, Kelly replied, "It's not an expectation.As part of her profile, she had to include a photograph of herself and state her expectations, including how much financial support she'd want from a prospective partner."I put down that I was looking for somebody that I could have fun with …somebody that I could find a connection with, but also somebody who is also able to help me out a little bit when I needed it," she said."[I] wasn't going to sugar-coat it.Carole (or “Chi-Chi” as the kids call her) serves the dessert for many holidays, and definitely for all of the family birthdays.It’s such a versatile treat because you can decorate it to match any theme!

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