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The list of advantages is far lengthier than the drawbacks when it comes to speed dating.

Firstly, every person attending the event is present there with a single and common purpose – to meet someone.

Though, there are a couple of disadvantages present in it too.

To know further about the pros and cons of speed dating, read on.

For men: hold eye contact, lean in and show you’re interested. If the preview has you hooked, throw her a wink before you move onto your next mini-date so she knows that you are looking to take it to the next level—a first date! Conversation Starters The beauty of speed dating is that you get to meet a range of different people and you will find that you get to talk about a range of topics.

No two singletons are created the same and it’s a great opportunity for you to try out your conversation starters. Not Your Average Joe Speed dating brings an array of personalities, looks and styles which means you get to reap the benefits and venture out on a date with someone you may not be looking for or generally wouldn’t consider.

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These events provide you with an ideal atmosphere to talk to someone.Speed dating is one of the best ways to meet someone but it may involve a slight step outside your comfort zone. Speed dating is just that, it’s a mini date where you get to try out someone and see whether they are interesting and engaging enough to move to a proper date.Be prepared for several mini dates, but don’t worry, each only lasts a couple of minutes. You don’t just get one prelude, you’ll meet 10 people in one evening, giving you lots of practice and the opportunity to pick your ideal date.One speed-dating company in New York City, for example, holds a gathering almost every day.Last year online coupon company Groupon hosted the world’s largest speed-dating event, with 414 attendees crammed into a restaurant in Chicago.

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