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From Wade's research and her students' anecdotes, hookup-worthy hotness is determined by a specific white male frat boy gaze that comes with its own racial hierarchy to boot.

Blonde, skinny women are the pinnacle, Asian women are sexually fetished, and black women and the disabled are wholly excluded from the dynamic.

Along with her concise detailing of what hookup culture is, Wade also dispels a number of myths about it, including the one that everyone on a college campus is having loads of sex, all the time, with multiple partners.

These social conditions set the stage for the eventual Roaring Twenties during which the concept of the date was invented.What do the Industrial Revolution, the Roaring Twenties, the advent of the college fraternity, and the gay liberation movement have in common?According to sociologist Lisa Wade the link is the pervasive hookup culture that dominates the modern university experience in her fascinating new study examining the roots and realities of the phenomenon, .Wade asks, "How do two people establish that an intimate moment between them wasn't meaningful?" In three ways: by being or pretending to have been inebriated, only hooking up with someone once, and the most destructive way, by creating emotional distance through cold bordering-on-cruel behavior towards the other person.

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