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The city, underserved by supermarkets anyway, is a different story.

City supermarkets typically are smaller, and beer sales do require space.

His parents are listed as Noah COLLARD (Noe) and Virginia CHENELLE.The Frosted Mug Café is next to a hot buffet (wings on game days) and grab-and-go cases containing sandwiches and other easy-to-eat foods.There also is a double-sided refrigerated case and additional shelves of six-packs; customers also can mix or match bottles to create their own six-pack for .99.Next to the seating area, which has four TV sets, there is a reach-in refrigerator that holds glassware for those who eat in. Acme president Jim Perkins, who stopped at the store last week, said the devotion of so much floor space to beer made sense.Beer, he said, carries a markup of 20 percent to 25 percent, similar to the grocery category. (If Pennsylvania law were to allow wine and spirits to be sold in supermarkets, he said, “We’d go tomorrow.”) Tailgaters for Eagles games have discovered it.

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