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Under such license, no intoxicating liquor shall be consumed on the premises where sold nor shall any original package be opened on the premises of the vendor except as otherwise provided in this Chapter or law. Any change of location of the enterprise prior to issuance of such an amended license shall constitute a violation of this Section.

At the same time that an applicant applies for a permit under the provisions of this Subsection, the applicant shall notify the Director of Revenue of the holding of the event by certified mail and by such notification shall accept responsibility for the collection and payment of any applicable sales tax. Subsection (A) of this Section shall not apply to a license issued by the Supervisor of Alcohol and Tobacco Control for the sale of intoxicating liquor pursuant to Section 311.218, RSMo., or to a license issued to any church, school, civic, service, fraternal, veteran, political, or charitable club or organization which has obtained an exemption from the payment of Federal taxes.

Except as provided in Subsection (C), all provisions of the Liquor Control Law and the ordinances, rules and regulations of the City, in which is located the premises in which such function, occasion or event is held shall extend to such premises and shall be in force and enforceable during all the time that the permittee, its agents, servants, employees, or stock are in such premises.

This temporary permit shall allow the sale of intoxicating liquor in the original package.

An intoxicating liquor containing alcohol not in excess of five percent (5%) by weight manufactured from pure hops or pure extract of hops, or pure barley malt, or wholesome grains or cereals, and wholesome yeast, and pure water.

Any package sealed or otherwise closed by the manufacturer so as to consist of a self-contained unit, and consisting of one (1) or more bottles or other containers of intoxicating liquor, where the package and/or container(s) describes the contents thereof as intoxicating liquor.

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