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And hiring a personal dating coach could be the quickest way to get your dating life on track.

One could be the best he can be if he knows his potentials.

The manliness in you would manifest with the assistance of your Louisville dating coach. Stop missing all the opportunities around you everyday.

You can start going out with girls in Kentucky if you start getting the help you need.

Your computer use can be monitored and it is difficult to hide.

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Be prepared at all times to report any EPO violations of any description to the Police.

This may include going to stay with friends or family, going to a domestic violence shelter, alerting friends and family or co-workers about the potential for danger, keeping your cell phone on you at all times and being ready to report any contact from your abuser whatsoever to the Police -- even contact through third parties and in person, electronic or otherwise.

Do not telephone, message, email, text or have any other contact whatsoever with your abuser!

Upon request, DVOs can be renewed by the Court in the future for periods of up to three years each.

You still have to take steps to protect yourself from your abuser.

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