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(This after interviewing 24,000 students at 21 universities.)Many of these women ignored the advice of Princeton alum (and recent book-deal recipient) Susan Patton, who urged Ivy League ladies to get engaged while they still have access to the future high earners of America.Not everyone interviewed for the article agreed with its premise.According to our research of Pennsylvania and other state lists there were 13 registered sex offenders living in Oxford as of July 18, 2018.The ratio of number of residents in Oxford to the number of sex offenders is 405 to 1.

Although the article focused primarily on women, Ms.

—I was really expecting her to blow the lid on some sort of secret sex scandal at Penn, but instead she delivered the rather blasé conclusion that, yes, women at Penn are having casual sex,” Ms. “On the first read, I honestly found it kind of boring, which I suppose, in and of itself, is remarkable: how do you write 5,000 words about sex and make it boring?!

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On Monday, as reactions from feminist sites and Penn students and alums were flying around the Internet, Arielle Pardes, a rising Penn senior, penned a Cosmo blog post to “set the record straight.”“In our interviews, I described in great depth my serious boyfriend and how much I felt that Penn was a place where women can really have it all, at least for four years,” Ms. She said she was interviewed twice for the article—once in August, when Ms.

Taylor began her research into Ivory Tower sexual mores, and again in January.“Some of my friends complained about her poking and prodding,” Ms. “She would literally just pop up in a local coffee shop or show up at a party; I mean, she was everywhere—but I think that’s what makes a good reporter.

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