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By 326 Constantine had authorised the confiscation and destruction of anything that challenged orthodoxy (i.e. This included non-Christian places of worship as well as works by pagan authors and by all other Christian factions.

Soon afterwards Constantine's mother Helena and Macarius, the Bishop of Jerusalem, were supervising the destruction of a temple in Jerusalem dedicated to Aphrodite, and building a Christian basilica on the site.

As part of its campaign books were burned, works of art destroyed, families dispossessed, and temples desecrated.

Christians delighted in their victory, and seized opportunities for destruction of everything others held holy.

According to 2 Chronicles, Josiah destroyed altars and images of pagan deities in cities of neighbouring tribes of Manasseh, Ephraim, "and Simeon, as far as Naphtali" (2 Chronicles 34:6-7) Below, Josiah is destorying pagan religious items and a pagan altar, just as Christian missionaries were to destroy pagan religious icons and altars for centuries to come.Julian, known as Julian the Apostate, rejected Christianity in favour of traditional religions.He reopened and repaired pagan temples and restored the tradition of universal toleration.Josiah enforced the exclusive worship of Yahweh (2 Kings 23).According to the biblical account, he destroyed pagan objects related to the worship of Baal or Asherah.

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