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Thus it was a major disappointment when he gently broke the news that their relationship had to come to an end; his party was about to launch a moral crusade and, fearful of what he called 'the tabloid reptiles,' he could not take the risk of jeopardising his political future.

However, knowing Catherine's appetite was undiminished, he suggested that he could provide her with more than one other to take his place.

When he entered that first evening, he looked round her apartment, nodded in apparent approval and headed with unerring instinct for the bedroom. Lift your skirt." It wasn't the kind of approach Catherine was accustomed to, but even as she framed the words to say so, something deterred her: for once, she was not going to be the one with the power. She understood at once that there was no ordinary sex in the offing. You two will enjoy each other." *********************** On the way from the station where she had been collected by Guy, Catherine was content for a while to listen to the latest political gossip.

She was going to be used in a way she hadn't experienced since - well, when she thought about it, perhaps never. Plenty of scope, lots of bedrooms, if you like that sort of thing." When Catherine hesitated, he added, "Perhaps something smaller, then? " Catherine said she thought smaller and more intimate would be preferable. You can always come another time - Hunt Ball week-end's always first class. But as they turned into the long drive up to the Manor House, she asked for a quick briefing on the planned 'little get-together.' "Well, had to have Leon - more or less invited himself.

Nice for me if we have a long session at the House. Almost at once she was conscious of the burgeoning erection. When that was achieved, his fingers began to explore between her legs until his organ had reached full potential. They had settled into a steady rhythm, Catherine succeeding in staying relaxed so as to avoid bringing him on too quickly. " So it was to be a quickie, thought Catherine; she found she was disappointed. "Yes," she said, turning her head to see Guy red-faced from his exertions. Suppose you won't want me to cream inside you, but don't worry. I'll just stoke it up a bit first, then squirt on your withers." The process of bringing himself to the point of ejaculation was no one-sided pleasure. The timing was indeed perfect: she felt the jets of sperm falling on her still upraised bottom. "Said you didn't want too many, so only one other for you. Also very useful in keeping things quiet." Before he could elaborate further, they had arrived and Cynthia was greeting them.

"Jolly good," he said, easing her off him and on to her knees. It took rather longer than Catherine expected, allowing her to relish the grunts and groans that accompanied each ever-more frenzied drive into her innermost moisture. A quick peck on the cheek was accompanied by a subtle fondle of Catherine's breasts before the hostess whisked her away to find her bedroom.

Only later to see the possibilities and reconsider.

When the hem rose above her stocking tops to reveal suspenders against pale flesh and then black knickers, Sir Guy grunted. Catherine, following suit, supposed she shouldn't have been surprised to find that Sir Guy was wearing what looked undeniably like a pair of woman's knickers. "Cynthia's," he explained, "in case you're wondering. Then, closing her lips round the knob, she began to suck while massaging the shaft with slow kneading movements. "Give it plenty of that." At the same time his hands groped to pull her rear towards his head. From the moment she felt the head of Guy's erect cock pass between her labia, she knew she was right. "You're a horny bint, I'll say that for you," Guy exclaimed after a while. Discovering black silk together with suspenders and stockings also in black, he nodded approval.A Tory of the old school, he represented a farming constituency in the west country.From the first time that Jack sent him round, Catherine sensed she might be meeting an equal, someone who would match her: appetite for appetite, quirk for quirk, insight for insight. Soon have you on your back, if that's how you like it." No preliminary small-talk. "Jack wants me back within the hour, so let's have a look at you. In the early days she had worked too hard at achieving her own satisfaction, neglecting her partner.The margin was narrow but they decided enough was enough. By that time, Jack had his knighthood and the couple found a new existence on the social roundabout.

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