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La Verne was an avid quilter and made many special quilts for family members and friends.

She also crocheted intricate lace doilies that she shared with those she loved.

The residence she stayed in had a rose garden that was in poor shape, but with La Verne’s loving care- it was producing lovely blooms in short order!

La Verne was an avid “Ice Dawg” fan, cheering her grandkids on.

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La Verne is survived by her 5 children, Nancy (Ben) Hubbard of St.She was a teacher there until 1988- when she was appointed as the School Administrator.La Verne oversaw the operations of the Academy and day care facility until November of 1993- when she moved to Glasgow to be near her family.Laverne graduated from Sandpoint High School in 1954. From this union, 5 children were born- 3 daughters and 2 sons.After Jim was discharged from the Air Force, the family moved to Indiana, Tennessee and Georgia before settling in Crown Point, IN.

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