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I have just begun forming "THE TAPPTICO FAMILY ASSOCIATION" my intent is to receive federal recognition and from the State of Virginia.

Yelo [email protected] Sanowar It was very shocking to read the correct history of the Powhatan people and Pocahantas. Vincent Mc Eachern Quamony/Quomony/Quamini I am looking for the origin or any descendants of the family - the Quamony's. I have traced the name to Virginia but have not found any descendants or the family origin. I recently completed a time line for the Wicocomoco indians and have traced them up 1923.

I am very disappointed that a meaningful relationship and love affair with two very different cultures did not take place. Steven Galet It would mean the world to me if you could send me information ( and /or pictures ) of leg bands and what they represent. Our verbal history is that it is native american - the tribal affiliation we do not yet know. My great-g-g grandfather was Abraham Quamony and left Virginia around 1830 - came to Lancaster, PA married and settled. It has been very difficult finding information on the group, and I'm not sure why.

They were one of the largest groups in the confederacy.

My heart is trully with all the peoples of the Turtle Continent, but languages are so diverse and in some ways simular that I could only manage to learn Lakota-Whaste.

I have been asked by a friend of mine, a teacher to teach her children the truth about the indigenious people of this land-she would like to consentrate on the people of New Jersey-the Powhatan, the Lenape the Ramapough.

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