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The deal cements a recent rapprochement with Russia, despite differences over the war in Syria, and comes as Turkey’s ties with the United States and European Union have become strained.It is certain to stir unease in Washington and Brussels, where officials are trying to keep Turkey — a longtime NATO member, and an increasingly unlikely candidate for European Union membership — from entering Russia’s sphere of influence.The body was covered in bruises, but her boyfriend claimed that the girl became ill.

NATO does not ban purchases of military hardware from manufacturers outside the American-led alliance, but it does discourage members from buying equipment not compatible with that used by other members.

November 18, Tatiana told my parents that goes with Ibrahim in the mountains, complained about the poor communication and promised to call as soon as they come back to Istanbul, but never made it.

Close-Thani raised the alarm and a neighbor girl in the apartment told me that he could not reach her.

Putin and myself are determined on this issue,” Mr. Last year, Russia and Turkey reached an agreement to revive a suspended natural-gas pipeline project.

The purchase of Russian missiles would take cooperation to a new level, but is not the first time that Turkey has bought military equipment from Russia.

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