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Since the five-nation team hopes to bring criminal charges, identifying the chain of command in the plane’s downing is vital.

And since such advisers don’t operate in war theaters under their real names, it has been assumed Andrey Ivanovich was an alias.Russian military personnel who’ve left conflict zones are generally promoted, appearing in military publications or on websites receiving awards, promotions or teaching positions at military academies About the time Laptev/Ivannikov is last linked to South Ossetia in 2013, ethnic Russian separatist activity in eastern Ukraine flared.And that’s where Orion, or Andrey Ivanovich, came into view.The break in identifying Orion came through cellphone data, obtained by Bellingcat, that contained the mobile number Orion used in one of the intercepts.There were “hits” for this number in two publicly available phone-sharing apps.

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