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These first appeared on all types of insignia during the 1960s.

I am showing the distinctive insignia of the Army Medical Department.

It did not discontinue wearing of those DIs that had been produced. The 45th Armored Medical Battalion DI was acquired from a veteran.

Many units tried to circumvent the rules and had ones ones manufactured in plastic or in silver. The unit was formed in 1942 and inactivated November 1945 in Germany.

Circular 244 of 1921 approved wearing the designs and Colonel Wyllie, wrote an article, which appeared in the March 1921 issue of the Infantry Journal that was titled "Regimental Badges and Coats of Arms." The revision of AR 600-40 of September 27, 1921 included this paragraph: . Distinctive insignia should bear the regimental badge or coat of arms or similar device having historical significance connected with the regiment, such as the ornament of the regiment when originally organized or that worn is some prior war.

If trimmings are adopted, the color should have some historical significance connected with the regiment.

This is clutch back and marked "VANGUARD NY V-21 MADE IN U. A." Another example is that of the Army Security Agency Training Center and School, whose design was approved in and motto "Vigiles Salutis" means Sentinels of Security.

Army distinctive insignia, called DIs or DUIs (distinctive unit insignia).Distinctive insignia remained in Army Regulations as an approved insignia even if their manufacture had been suspended for the duration and after 1947 approval of new designs was resumed.Some DIs were manufactured in Germany during the occupation period and have distinctive features.The final step in the development of distinctive insignia was to approve them to be worn on the service uniform of all soldiers as an insignia.The instigator of regiment coats of arms appears to be Colonel (later Brigadier General) Robert Edward Evan Wyllie (1873-1961), Chief of the Equipment Branch of the General Staff and a person with an interest in heraldry. Subject to the approval of the War Department and as a means of promoting esprit de corps, each regiment or similar organization is authorized to adopt and wear, as a part of the uniform, distinctive insignia or trimmings.

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