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INITIAL_PROPS_HEADER = {"data":,"id":"header","context":{"article Id":"SB121338874550773025","corp Hat":[,],"customer Nav":{"user":null,"ads":,"urls":{"login Url":"https://com/login?target=https://com/articles/SB121338874550773025","logout Url":"https://com/logout? Robert Ballard was born in Kansas, but grew up in San Diego, California, where a childhood fascination with tidal pools and marine life led him to study marine geology.In 1962, when he was only 19 years old, his father, a missile scientist at North American Aviation, helped him get a job at the aerospace company’s Ocean Systems Group.This phenomenon explained the mineral composition of sea water for the first time.This stage of Ballard’s career climaxed with the landmark discovery of thermal vents off the Galápagos Islands.remote camera, recorded eerie scenes of the ruined interior of the luxury liner.

In these expeditions, Ballard discovered that the entire volume of the earth’s oceans is, over a period of years, recycled through the earth’s crust.

By now, Ballard had earned tenure at Woods Hole, where he had the opportunity to assemble a top-notch team to build such a system. Navy, and received the go-ahead from Navy Secretary John Lehman in 1982.

But like all team leaders at Woods Hole, he was required to find his own funding for the project. , the supposedly “unsinkable” ocean liner which had sunk, with massive loss of life, after she struck an iceberg on her maiden voyage in 1912.

When he was called to active duty during the Vietnam War, he requested a transfer to the Navy, to make better use of his training as a marine geologist.

The Navy assigned the young geologist to Woods Hole Oceanographic Research Institute in Massachusetts, where he continued his work in deep submergence. in geology and geophysics in 1974 and went to work at Woods Hole as a full-time marine scientist.

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