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A group schedule can include all of the contacts or resources from a public folder.You can create and save multiple group schedules, each showing a group of people or resources.First and foremost, Microsoft's built-in group calendar functionality within Microsoft Outlook requires some form of shared calendar functionality because Outlook does not combine the appointments of more than one person into a single calendar view, but rather shows two or more Microsoft Outlook calendars side-by-side (shown below).This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account.Microsoft Outlook does contain some built-in group calendar functionality when used in conjunction with Exchange Server.However, it can be quite limiting and often times does not meet the definition of what many are referring to when asking for a group calendar for group scheduling solution within the Outlook interface.Group calendars are commonly needed among organizations that rely on Microsoft Outlook for managing calendars.

The calendar group schedule makes it easy for you to see the combined schedules of a number of people or resources at a glance.

To use in your project, reference the child library project as a library.

If you see JAR mismatched error, replace your android-support-v4to the jar inside Caldroid.

There is a convenient method for that: User can also customize the navigation arrows and month title text View: font, size, on Click Listener, on Long Click Listener, etc.

Client can supply different adapter to the weekday Grid View.

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