Problems updating catalyst drivers

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How to enter the Android bootloader: To enter Android bootloader mode, first select Android in the OS switcher at the start then upon seeing the CHUWI logo press and hold VOL DOWN until you see a screen with the green Android robot pop-up.From this screen you can access recovery by scrolling modes with VOL UP or DOWN if needed.Or you could use your phone's Wifi connection as tether.Sadly, while I prefer Windows 8 to Win 10 it's pretty much a waste of time trying to get it to work unless you don't care about using the touchscreen, wifi, bluetooth etc. Note: If you install Android from scratch (flash.json) then it will erase everything on the disk and make new partitions, this means your Windows install will be gone and you will have to reinstall it again, either using the Chuwi Windows image or by using the tutorial in this article.After deletion, select the empty partition partition and press Next.Windows will install and reboot after it has finished.All the drivers provided by Chuwi didn't work for me, not the ones for the Vi8 or Hi8 (which originally came with Windows 8 installed) or the Windows 10 drivers.The tablet's Wifi will not work at first so you will need an additional Ethernet or Wifi adapter to access the internet.

If you install another version other than Windows 10 Home you will need one however. Check your Hi8 Pro Serial Number: At the back of your tablet should be a series of numbers, check if they match the description: 32-bit versions: PQ32G221603XXXXX up to PQ32G221607XXXX 64-bit versions: PQ32G221608XXXXX and up 1.Chuwi Forums Official Chuwi Hi8 Pro downloads OEM files and Windows/Android OS switcher (Switch Now.exe) Chuwi Hi8 Pro Drivers (32 bit) How to access the UEFI Bios: You need an USB Type-C adapter and a wired USB keyboard.Power the tablet on and press DELETE or ESC when the CHUWI logo first appears.Note: Do not touch or format the first two partitions on the disk including ANDROIDIA or you will lose the OS switcher and won't be able to boot into Windows.Creating a Windows Only Tablet: This partition screen will also allow you to delete all the Android partitions going from the one named ANDROIDIA all the way to the bottom, allowing you to install Windows only and gain precious disk space.

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