Problem updating iphone 3gs to 5 0 100 free sexy chat croatia

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This is an essential step otherwise you may encounter future errors when trying to update or install i OS versions.

If after adding "" to hosts file, i Tunes error 3194 still shows up or a new i Tunes error appears, you go back and add the "#" and a space ("# ") in front of the gs.entry. For example, if you see the line: Then save the hosts file and restart your computer.

If none of above methods can fix the unknown error 3194, you may use i OS System Recovery to restore or update i Phone without i Tunes Fone Paw i OS System Recovery is designed to fix various i Phone problems, i Phone get stuck at white Apple screen, DFU Mode, black screen; i Phone/i Pad/i Pod Touch is disabled or locked, etc.

What's more, it is in need to select the correct phone model to download the firmware and your device model is on your i Phone's back side.STEP 3 When the firmware is downloaded successfully with stable network, the program will handle you case with repairing.STEP 4 As the progressing bar goes to the ending, the screen will show you a sentence: Repair completed.The first method you can use is to change hosts file on your computer to make sure that i Tunes can communicate with Apple's update server. STEP 1 Make sure that i Tunes is stopped on your computer (Widows/Mac).STEP 2 Open host files on your computer: STEP 5 Connect i Phone to PC via USB cable and open i Tunes.

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