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Full contact with Class I wildlife is authorized only as follows: I.

Class I cats (Felidae only) that weigh not more than twenty-five (25) pounds; https:// File.asp?

The Wild Cat Conservation Legal Aid Society lists all existing laws and pending laws HERE If clicking on the state doesn’t take you to the state, try scrolling down the page to the information.

The Library of Congress offers this guide to global laws regarding the private possession of exotic cats.

Accredited educational facilities, research facilities, and permitted rehabilitation facilities shall be exempt from this regulation through the written permission of the Director of the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries or his designee.

Previous owners that already have permits will be grand fathered, but breeding is prohibited.

This works out to roughly the same 12-week limit that USDA has imposed, but Florida law does not protect cubs under that weight limit, despite age. All wildlife shall be exhibited in a manner that prevents injuries to the public and the wildlife.

The exhibitor shall take reasonable sanitary precautions to minimize the possibility of disease or parasite transmission which could adversely affect the health or welfare of citizens or wildlife.

Select the state of your choice below for a synopsis of the law.

Applications require statement regarding person education and experience, description of facilities, number of species desired, and signed agreement that recommended standards for wildlife exhibition will be adhered to.

Section 3-8-1 Rabies vaccine required for any canidae or felidae; applicability.

Those ideas started out as “radical”, held by a small minority.

Gradually more and more people understood and agreed until they became a part of our value system that we take for granted today.

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